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Looking south, Glendale is in the foreground, and Downtown L.A. is in the background



The City of Glendale is located in Los Angeles County and sits about 6 miles due north of downtown Los Angeles at the foot of the Verdugo Mountains. Most of the City’s 30 square miles of land is bounded by three freeways including Interstate 5, which is the major north/south corridor through the State of California.


L.A. Dodger Stadium is about five miles south and Griffith Park is 1.5 miles west of the Site (an easy 2.5 mile bike ride). Griffith Park is the largest Municipal Park with urban wilderness area in the United States. The park has 4,210 acres and includes a zoo, a nature center, an equestrian center, golf, swimming, hiking, camping, the renowned Griffith Park Observatory, and the Greek Theater.


The Griffith Park Equestrian Center is 1.5 miles from the Project


Glendale was formed and named in 1884 and incorporated in 1906. The current population is 207,303, of which 40,822 are in their twenties and early thirties (the upper 30% of this group, by income, are the Project’s target market). Eighty percent of these young adults are single. There is a total of 74,695 housing units in the City.


Brand Boulevard by night


Downtown Glendale is a modern, vibrant city center with a rich history woven into its fabric. The Elevé Glendale Site is one block from the historical and current center of Downtown, Broadway and Brand. Adjacent to the Project Site is almost every major restaurant chain, apparel and accessory store, mixed with local restaurants and shopping, several major department stores, four multi-screen theaters, a number of churches, the main public library, and the main post office.



Glendale is the corporate headquarters for Nestle Corporation, Public Storage Inc., and International House of Pancakes, and serves as regional headquarters for a number of other large corporations, including Bank of America. There are a total of 90,471 jobs in the City.


The Corporate Business Center is concentrated in a few blocks


In 1994 Steven Spielberg, Jeffery Katzenberg, and David Geffen formed DreamWorks SKG. The Company’s animation section is located in the City’s Grand Central Business Park, along with the Walt Disney Company who also has a large campus in this Business Park, located 2.25 miles from the Project Site. The Disney campus includes the headquarters for its Imagineering Division. In addition, KABC-TV is located in the City, along with Oakridge TV Studios (formerly Glendale Studios). Burbank, the next city to the west, has NBC Studios, Universal Studios Hollywood, Warner Brother Studios, and Disney/ABC Network Group all located on its eastern edge. These Burbank studios are located about 4.5 miles from the Project Site. Between Glendale and eastern Burbank, there are at least 3,500 entertainment industry jobs for young urban professionals. Public transportation to most of these studios is within one block of the Project.


Both Disney and DreamWorks have campuses in the City

The major employers in Glendale include:    


Number of

Distance from Project
(in miles)

  City of Glendale 2565 .10
  Nestle Corporation 2153 .50
  Glendale Adventist Medical Center 2112 1.50
  DreamWorks Animation 1700 2.10
  Glendale Community College District 1442 1.00
  Glendale Unified Schools 1328 .50 – 1.75
  Glendale Memorial Hospital 1300 1.25
  Public Storage, Inc. 1034 2.75
  Walt Disney Imagineering 902 2.20
  Bank America, North America 815 .20
  Verdugo Hills Hospital 800 2.50
  ACCO Engineering Systems 780 2.20

Major Employment Centers


Many of Glendale’s City employees work on Broadway, four to six blocks east of the Site. The southern edge of the Glendale Business District starts a block from the Site to the west and extends about ¾ of a mile north on Brand Avenue. There are 1500 – 2000 jobs for the Project’s target market in this Business District. Glendale Memorial Hospital and its adjoining medical office buildings are 1.25 miles from the Project to the southwest. Verdugo Hills Hospital is 2.5 miles to the northeast. Glendale’s Adventist Medical Center is about 1.5 miles to the east. Starting nurses and interns fit the Project’s tenant age and income profile. Glendale Community College is about a mile southeast of the Site. The ten Glendale Unified Schools are all less than two miles from our Project. Some entry level teachers will qualify for the Project’s affordable units. Others will be able to afford the market rate units with the family financial support that many of these young urban professionals enjoy as they start their careers. Public transportation at or next to the Site is available to each of these employment centers.


The recently completed outdoor mall, the Americana, is 1 block from the Project



The City has a mix of several ethnic groups. It is home to the third largest Armenian community outside Armenia, after Moscow and Los Angeles. 27.6% of the population is Armenian-American, White-Non-Hispanic makes up 26.6%, Hispanic makes up 19.7% and about half of the remainder have Asian backgrounds.


The Project Site showing the proximity to the Galleria, Americana and the two apartment projects built in Downtown during the last 10 years,
the Americana and 416 Broadway. The boundaries of the Planned Entertainment District are also shown



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