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A Young Urban Community ® is a product of AMF Development LLC. AMF Development, LLC was formed as an independent company to carry out the real estate development of project initiatives created by American Multifamily Inc., "American." A Young Urban Community ® Program is one of these initiatives.



American has been Reshaping Urban Life® since 1989, building large multifamily and mixed use neighborhoods. American also designs its own work using its proprietary inside out, “pre-valued engineered®” design approach, which combine the design talents of our award winning architects with our in depth understanding of costs, and knowledge of what works and what doesn't, gained over 20 years of building large complex projects. All American’s design work is done in 3D using AutoCAD Revit, a Building Information Modeling (BIM) system.


Quality has always been American’s first priority


The 500,000 square foot Miracle Mile Project



Although American has built thousands of apartments, American has also built a number of large complex condominium projects for major builders including Pulte Homes, Lennar Homes and Standard Pacific Homes. To successfully perform this condominium work American developed a systematic, detailed and proactive quality control program that is without peer.

American has built multiple projects for seventy nine percent of its’ outside clients. Legacy Partners is an example of one of the Company’s repeat clients. In Legacy’s own words:

"This Project is the fifth largest bearing steel stud to be built in Los Angeles. The four previous projects all had significant time and cost overruns due to the technical complexities and methods of construction utilized in this new framing system. This Project is the most complicated of the five and through the efforts of ACCI and your subcontractors, you have managed to keep the Project on schedule and with budget…"

"Of equal significance is American’s technical knowledge, most notably displayed through their proactive design-assist and preconstruction role. This is the most detailed and rigorous I have seen. It is assuring to know that with the thousands of details in the $75,000,000 technical complex Miracle Mile project that ACCI is proactively into every detail, demanding a level of quality perfection I have not seen in my 30 years of experience."

"The Legacy at Studio City Project was a financial success and has won a number of architectural awards, which ACCI previously built for Legacy Partners, and Miracle Mile is certainly on track to raise the bar for success."




The Founders and Owners of AMF Development, LLC (AMFD), are Greg Parker (American Multifamily, Inc.), its Chief Executive Officer, Davis Thompson, its Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel, and Alan Dibartolomeo, its Chief Development Officer.

Gregory A. Parker

Greg Parker has forty years experience, most of it in multifamily and mixed-use construction and architecture. Mr. Parker is CEO and Founder of American Multifamily Inc. and American Constructors Inc. (American), who have built large multifamily and mixed-use projects in California, Texas and New Mexico for twenty years. Over the last 10 years, American has completed over a half of billion dollars in work. American’s clients have included Legacy Partners, Pulte, Standard Pacific Homes, Lennar Homes and the CIM Group. American has built projects with construction values up to $75 million. Mr. Parker is a licensed architect with an undergraduate degree in Architecture from USC and a Master’s of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from MIT.


Alan Dibartolomeo

Alan Dibartolomeo brings over 25 years of real estate development and management expertise to the team as an advisory firm and a developer of urban infill product. Mr. Dibartomoleo has created mixed-use projects in key markets such as Pasadena, downtown Los Angeles, and San Gabriel Valley. Prior to joining AMF Development, Alan ran A&D Investment Group, and served in-house as Development/Construction advisor for Legacy Partners/Residential in Southern California, responsible for a seasoned team of professionals overseeing project completion of $150 million in construction of apartment buildings. Over a period covering the cycles of the 1980s and 1990s, Mr. Dibartolomeo purchased assets, directed development, built teams and leased and managed over a million square feet in Southern California in positions with two of the most highly regarded commercial developers in the country, Trammell Crow Company and Spieker Properties. Mr. Dibartolomeo has a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard Graduate School of Business and an undergraduate degree from UCLA.


Davis D. Thompson

Davis D. Thompson is a shareholder, director and chairman of the Corporate/Tax/Real Estate Department of Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo, a Professional Corporation, which has over 130 attorneys located in seven offices in California. He represents clients in the construction, real estate and other industries in the areas of real estate, tax and corporate law. He is also a California licensed real estate broker and a member of the Pasadena Foothill Association of Realtors and is a director and member of the Pasadena Angels, one of the larger angel investing groups in the U.S. He was a Registered Securities Broker with the National Association of Security Dealers from 1980-1988. Mr. Thompson has also been the CFO of Datran Corporation, a computer components developer and manufacturer, and the CFO of Willowbrook Technologies LLC, an IP telephony company. Mr. Thompson earned his law degree from UCLA, a MA in Economics from Yale University, a Masters in Business Taxation from USC and a BA in Economics from Santa Clara University. Mr. Thompson has been an adjunct professor at the USC School of Accounting, where he taught a course on partnership and S corporation taxation. He has also taught classes on general tax and business law for construction companies at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

Mr. Thompson has been Counsel and advisor to the American Companies for nearly 20 years, and Mr. Dibartolomeo, while working with Legacy Partners, was instrumental in hiring American in the early 2000s to build a large multifamily project in Studio City which turned out to be a very successful venture for Legacy.


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