Scheduling and project controls provide music and direction for American’s performance. This ability to successfully orchestrate has allowed American to take on the most complex mixed use and multifamily projects, including up to 3 ½ levels of subterranean parking topped with five stories of bearing steel studs with units that don’t stack and don’t have parallel walls. Several of our complex projects have had over 10,000 activities to define and provide the precise timing for each drum beat to be provided by each of our subcontractors, suppliers and vendors, which on some projects number close to 100 separate companies.

American is the first mixed use and multifamily general contractor to have an in-place, fully integrated cost-loaded scheduling program. All of our subcontractors’ and material suppliers’ payment processes are automatically driven by each update of our cost-loaded schedules. Our monthly subcontractor schedule of values is automatically updated by our scheduling system, which then generates each subcontractor’s monthly bill. With each change entered in our project management system, the schedule is updated, keeping our “music” current and fully integrated at all times. This process allows us to generate, at any time, accurate cash flow projections at both the project and subcontractor levels, to help manage cash flow.

Our schedules are updated weekly and our project management system is updated daily on an extemporaneous basis. Weekly, the Company’s Executive Committee reviews the progress of each project by reviewing and examining the available “float” in each project’s critical path and the float available in each of the projects key milestones. In addition to managing float on a weekly basis, the Executive Committee also looks closely at the flow of change order processing and the duration of request for information (RFI) answers, which can impact the schedule from the front end, and the timing of corrections of the Company’s quality control notices, which if not corrected quickly can effect the schedule on the backend.

The Company uses Primavera’s state of the art, web-based, integrated project software, including P5 for scheduling and Contract Manager for project management.

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