Where American has the opportunity to provide the design, as well as construction, American is in the position to control the selection of materials and detailing to help ensure they provide the best finish appearance and durability through the years. Where American has not been engaged to do the design, our approach during pre-construction is best described as "design assist." In this role, we work to guide the Owner's consultant team to use the right materials and equipment to provide a quality product that meets both visual and functional requirements, not only initially but through the test of time. Our plan review Architects and Engineers work with the Owner’s pre-construction team to help produce final plans and specifications that are complete, correct, coordinated, and include details that work.

We then further detail and translate key elements of the plans and specifications into vehicles that help us ensure full compliance. These include shop drawings (to further define elements of the projects) and detailed trade scopes, to further clarify the specifications and to state our quality standards.

The final step of quality is execution. Our focus on quality execution is orchestrated by our independent quality control program, which organizationally reports directly to our President, and has the mission of completing the work in accordance with our plans, specifications and the further detailing we have provided. To achieve this goal, we employ proactive procedures to ensure there is a clear understanding of our expectations prior to commencing production work for each element of the project. We then follow through on a programmed basis to ensure that the established standards are maintained. Quality control notices once issued are tracked weekly to ensure their correction is timely to avoid schedule delays.

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