American performs purchasing centrally to provide control and consistency. 

The purchasing lessons we have learned during the last twenty years are proactively available to our clients during our pre-construction services. With our focus of bringing the maximum possible value to our clients, we evaluate the materials, equipment and systems we have used on each of our projects to determine if these products performed as expected, and recommend carrying forward on future projects only those products that provide the best value coupled with this historic perspective. Through our continuous networking and attendance at trade shows, we stay at the cutting edge of new industry developments, helping our clients take appropriate advantage of advancements in product and technology. 

American has been saving our clients a significant amount of money for eight years through our direct factory purchase of material and products from China. Through our contracts in China, we have directly purchased and imported doors, windows, massive fiberglass cornice elements, rolling stainless kitchen tables, iron balconies and other products which have allowed our clients to incorporate higher quality design elements at or below the pricing for lesser quality, locally produced products. 

Once plans are complete, obtaining the right subcontractor, at the right price, who has the proper skill and sufficient financial strength to perform the work, is the first critical step in the subcontracting process. Our stringent pre-qualification process was determined by our Subguard carrier, Zurich, four years ago to meet their insurance standards without charge. Zurich audits our qualification process quarterly to ensure we are in fact following our own stringent program. 

The second step is to write a complete scope and subcontract for it. American has developed our proprietary scope templates over the twenty years we have been building multifamily projects. Specifications in the multifamily world are frequently not complete or correct; we work to clarify what is required to get agreement from all stakeholders, and to provide sufficient subcontract direction to ensure the agreed-upon clarifications are properly and fully subcontracted, and that the subcontractor understands their scope. 

Through lessons learned, we have found that Americanís purchasing effort cannot stop with the subcontract; purchasing must be involved in the processing of all changes to ensure that the agreements worked out during the initial purchasing effort are fully upheld. Further, this involvement during construction provides instant feedback if errors were made, allowing immediate correction of all ongoing work that may be affected by the same problem, and correction of our templates to ensure future projects benefit from this lesson learned. With twenty years of feedback, our proprietary templates are extremely thorough.

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