Although our plan reviewing process is an integral part of our preconstruction and design assist processes, and a proactive driver in our design/build service, it is also a service we will contract for separately. The most difficult hurdle to overcome in building any complex mixed use or multifamily project is proactively being able to identify and solve problems in the plans and specifications before they slow or stop construction.

The notion that the “master builder” project manager or superintendent can read the plans from the trailer while the grading is underway and work out all issues in the plans before construction starts is a myth, particularly where complex projects are involved. These complex projects take a team of specialists, working in harmony at the company level and in harmony with the Owner’s consultants, if the delivery system is not design/build, where most of the coordination occurs in-house. On large, complex projects we have found that the most effective process of getting most of the problems in the plans and specifications worked out before framing starts is through formal partnering where the Owner, Contractor, the Consultants and key subcontractors are all focused as a team to accomplish this goal. With our years of experience with this product type, we can be particularly effective in bringing credibility to the claim that if the plans and specifications issues are not proactively solved in this manner the construction will be delayed with impacts to all stakeholders.

American employs architects who are mixed use and multifamily code specialists to assist our construction managers in reviewing and further coordinating the architectural plans with the engineering disciplines. We measure our success on our plan review process by the number of RFIs that have been issued and answered before framing starts as a percentage of the total RFIs at project completion. Our goal is 90% by start of framing.

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