The heart of all of Americanís success is its ability to consistently and accurately estimate cost. Our success is based on the recognition that each project is unique. Even when we are asked to provide a price from a sketch on the back of a napkin, we proceed with a detailed set of assumptions based on our experience, identifying quantities for every element of the project, and with an outline specification, identifying specific equipment material and finishes our estimated costs are based on. During the last 20 years, American has developed a proprietary estimating program. For the last 14 years, this program has been under the direction of the Companyís Chief Estimator Jeff Chen, who is involved from creation to close-out on each project, ensuring that the system is continually updated as new information is available from the market place and the field. Commodity price changes are reviewed at the Companyís executive staff level each Monday morning. This is followed by a review of each projectís variation from budget, with discussion and analysis of the causes of the variation. On a monthly basis, each labor and material budget line item for each project is reviewed in depth to determine the cause of any variation from budget, and, along with corrective action as needed, Americanís estimating database is updated with the experience of these lessons learned. Through the years American has used the R.S. Means database to back-up Americanís proprietary estimating system to provide pricing for new and different elements. This pricing is subsequently revised with field feedback. This pricing which has been revised to reflect the actual costs involved is then integrated into Americanís database. Collectively, it is our almost fanatical attention to detail, which has provided us the ability to consistently develop highly accurate estimates at every stage of construction, along with Americanís emphasis on quality that has been the hallmark to Americanís success.

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