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Urban Style

Echo Boomers, “the generic offspring and demographic echo of their Baby Boomer parents,” are the only population segment in this economy providing growth in the apartment market. This webpage summarizes an eight level, patent pending, multifamily urban product, which meets the social and economic needs of this group, and clearly pencils using current underwriting criteria.


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Club Manor Entry Elevation                           


Echo Boomer Market

    •  72 million Echo Boomers ages 18 – 29
    •  Currently 24% of U.S. population
    •  In five years will be 33% with ages over 18
    •  94% are single
    •  Currently $27,700 national median income
        (plus help from parents)

Echo Boomer DNA

    •  Children of the wealthiest generation
    •  Protected, polished and programmed
    •  Educated and confident with high expectations
    •  Law abiding team players
    •  Highly collaborative but need structure to
        achieve social needs
    •  Image conscious traditionalists
    •  Health conscious and green aware
    •  Desire to live in urban communities

The Club Manor Concept

    •  Very high density urban infill product
    •  High end traditional image
    •  Highly amenitized Club with structured social
    •  Small studios with high end finishes that pencils
        for this mostly single group
    •  Stylish mezzanine lofts which enhance
        project image
    •  Enclosed, covered, secure parking
    •  Green building with visible green elements

Project Strategy

    •  Provide attractive, desirable basic units, affordable
        to this population
            •  In high priced locations like downtown LA, rents
                affordable to upper-income level Echo Boomers
            •  In locations with lower land prices, rents
                affordable to median- to upper-income level
                Echo Boomers
    •  Rent ΰ la carte amenities separately:
            •  Parking (not all have cars)
            •  Rental storage for toys (this population has
                an abundance)
            •  Party rooms
            •  Coin-operated laundries


    •  Click here for a recent LA Times article on a
        Santa Monica all loft/studio project with 100 units
   •  Click here for a listing of recently completed
        downtown LA projects

Elevation Options

      •  Alternate elevations change exterior appearance only
       •  "Downtown" elevation is for older downtown areas as an alternate
           to the Club Manor look
       •  "Urban Edge" elevation is to fit in newer communities with more
            modern architecture
       •  Custom elevations and designs are also available


Club Manor Garage Elevation                 

Club Manor Side Elevation                 


Club Manor Front Door




Alternate Downtown Elevation                           


Alternate Urban Edge Elevation                           



                                                                     Downtown Front Door   

                                                                                Urban Edge Front Door            


Building Section               


Project Details

    •  1.35 acres, 213 units/acre
    •  288 units
    •  96 mezzanine lofts on two top floors
    •  182 studios on two floors and in basement
    •  Six 1-bedroom and four live/work units
    •  1 to 1 enclosed parking at floor level
    •  27,145 sq. ft. club and roof terrace
    •  2 - 976 sq. ft. mezzanine loft party rooms
    •  Optional solar to provide 18% of demand
    •  5,000 sf storage

                                                                                                                                                    Ground Floor

Pre-Value EngineeredSM

    •  Patent pending, highly efficient Stretched Wrap
SM with eight levels of Type III wood
        pushed to code limits
    •  Highly efficient parking layout at 327 s.f./stall
        (without tandem)
    •  288 units with one bath and one kitchen design
    •  All loft and studios stack
    •  Highly efficient MEP design
    •  Thin slab terrace podium with precast concrete
        pipe planters and spas over columns




                                                 "Downtown" Live/Work

                                               Entry Lobby                                                                        "Urban Edge" Live/Work



    •  Leasing office at street level entry
    •  Club “wow” view at lounge entry doors
    •  Parking at most levels with four entries per floor
    •  Two laundries each floor (less cost than in units,
        additional revenue, social interaction opportunity)
    •  Two trash rooms each floor (with trash bin pick-up
        at street level)
    •  Four stairs each floor
    •  Hidden roof well with easy access to maintain
        A/C condensers
    •  Interior horizontal head height passage for utility


The Club

    •  A place to conduct structured social programs
        and to hang out

    •  3,145 s.f. sky lit lounge with bar/serving area,
        fireplace, and fold open doors to roof terrace
    •  3,145 s.f. sky terrace with fireplace on roof of lounge
    •  17,600 s.f. roof terrace with event stage, 2 spas
        with raised decks, BBQ area, and 3 fire pits
    •  1,550 s.f. fitness center with workout patio
    •  1,365 s.f. game room with restrooms
    •  2 - 976 sq. ft. mezzanine loft party rooms

Why Basement Units?

    •  Adds an additional floor within the code defined
    •  Not new concept - Chicago Brownstones
    •  Ground floor retail and live/works are difficult
        to rent
    •  Urban (downtown) ground floor units have no
        privacy or security
    •  Our glass, spiked, railed, basement areaways
        provide privacy, light, and security

Second Floor Plan                              

Fourth Floor Plan                               


Partial Section                    



Green Building

    •  Optional rooftop solar with capacity of 18%
        of demand
    •  LEED Certification
    •  If previously developed site with close public
        transportation and with solar option would be
        eligible for LEED Silver
    •  Visual green components
    •  Priority parking for fuel efficient cars  
    •  Ceiling fans
    •  Bike racks
    •  Dual glass windows  
    •  Carpool priority parking
    •  Recyclable trash chutes

Studio Units

    •  Sliding opaque French door style glass partitions
    •  9 foot ceilings
    •  Ceiling fans
    •  Granite countertops
    •  Optional wood flooring shown would increase
        rent $45 per unit

Live/Work Units

    •  Work: Street level corner with two exposures
    •  Work: 14 foot ceilings
    •  Live: Mezzanine loft unit (see above)
    •  Live: Entries from work side and through
        apartment basement level
    •  Adjacent storage area that can be rented

Mezzanine Loft Units

    •  16 foot ceilings
    •  Mezzanine sleeping area
    •  Ceiling fans
    •  Granite countertops
    •  Optional wood flooring shown would increase
        rent $45 per unit

                                              Roof Plan with Solar Panels       


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                                                                                                                 Studio - 374 sq.ft.   


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American Architecture

This Echo Boomer Urban Style product has been designed
in-house by award-winning architects to comply with
L.A. building and zoning codes, and is one of several
patent pending American designs which use American’s
Stretched Wrap Structure

American designs and builds a full range of multifamily
projects including: mixed use, live/work, luxury/market
rate/affordable apartments, luxury/market rate/affordable
condominiums, affordable family/senior housing, single
room occupancy, assisted living and student housing.



Coming Next!

    •  New image for 1962 vintage
      Marina Del Rey project


                                                                                                                                             Mezzanine Loft - 482 sq.ft.

Complimentary Design & Guaranteed Pricing

American will provide a complimentary preliminary
design scheme at the feasibility stage with
guaranteed construction pricing.

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                                                           Greg Parker




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