A Young Urban Community ®

The Young Urban Community® Program is a product of AMF Development LLC, a subsidiary of American Multifamily Inc. This program was developed with the recognition that the growth in the California apartment market is primarily from the bottom. It was also driven with the recognition that, although other projects were catering to this demographic, they were not being designed to meet the specific needs of this young population. The first Young Urban Community® is scheduled to be occupied in the spring of 2013.This product is unique in many ways which have evolved through the extensive design and product development effort that has gone into this first project, Élevé Glendale. The Project’s unique feature includes its small carbon footprint with 250 units to the acre in wood construction (the highest density wood project we are aware of), our micro one bedroom units, and our 26,000 square foot sky terrace (the largest apartment active roof we are aware of in the Nation). Other Young Urban Community® projects, include Elevé San Diego, are in planning. Click on Young Urban Community® below to find out more about this program and its development.


A Young Urban
Community ®

Elevé Glendale
Elevé San Diego

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The Developer


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