During Americanís twenty years of construction experience, our professional architects and engineers have been involved in design assist on a number of large projects. These have included complex geo-technical issues involving a full range of soils conditions, many dealing with dewatering, tar, methane, and contaminated ground water. Soil stabilization issues have been involved in most of our projects. All of our projects have involved work in city streets and onsite street curbs and sidewalks, many with pavers and textured concrete and asphalt patterns. All of our work has involved underground utilities, many in city streets including storm drains, site water lines up to 60 inches in diameter, site gas and underground high and low voltage systems. Many have involved signals and traffic control devices. All have involved transformers and transformer vaults. Drainage, irrigation systems, site and building access issues have all been successfully solved on our projects. Foundation systems have included stone columns, drilled piles, caissons and mat slabs. Through our design assist efforts in all these civil, soils and structural areas, American has saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Americanís housing units have been built over one, two and three levels of subterranean parking and over and around on-grade parking structures. Our housing structures have included two, three and four stories of Type V, five stories of Type III modified wood and five stories of Type III bearing steel studs. All of our projects have involved integration of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire sprinkler systems. Our design assist services have involved evaluating alternate heating and cooling systems, alternate sources of hot water, alternate methods of metering utilities, alternate low voltage control and monitoring systems, and alternate life safety devices.

Integrating the finishes into the frame requires detailed coordination with the subcontractor community to work out cabinet and cabinet top details; door and room trim details must be integrated with the heating, electrical and plumbing fixtures. On higher end products we have even worked out joist spacing so sprinkler heads could be aligned with other room fixtures. Floor coverings have different thicknesses which must be properly transitioned or the rough must be properly depressed to receive the finish flooring to meet code accessibility requirements. Our design assist architects are code specialists who assist in this in-depth coordination effort to help ensure the finished product fully complies with code. Additionally, all of our design assist efforts involve life cycle cost analysis of products we recommend. Our engineers' and architects' skills in all of these areas have been seasoned by the bottom line responsibility to complete the construction of these designs.

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