The U.S. population is moving back into the cities in record numbers, and American is playing a major role in this movement by Reshaping Urban Lifeģ. Our work, since 1989, includes building nearly 4,000 multifamily urban rental and for-sale homes and mixed use neighborhoods in California, Texas, and New Mexico.

During the last twenty-one years, Americanís work has included multifamily and mixed use neighborhoods for adults, seniors, students, affordable housing for low-income, families and seniors. These projects have been built for private clients, including Pulte, Lennar, CIM Group, Standard Pacific Homes, Legacy Partners and Newhall Land and Farming.  The Company has also built a number of university projects (principally student housing), including projects for the University of California at Los Angeles, California State University Stanislaus, and Chapman University. Historically, about a third of the Companyís workload has been in the prevailing wage sector.

American has been designing and building multifamily projects in California since 1989. The Company has permanent offices in Huntington Beach, California and has built projects in New Mexico, Texas, and throughout California.

Although Americanís work has predominantly been building ground-up multifamily and mixed use urban neighborhoods, other projects have included renovation, seismic retrofitting, and historic preservation. The Company has self-performed up to 80% of the trade work on some projects, with in-house crews performing demolition, excavation, concrete, steel-erection, framing, masonry, plaster, drywall, painting, and high-pressure epoxy injection to repair seismically damaged concrete. Although some past projects have been competitively bid, all of the Companyís work for the last several years has been negotiated. American has taken the complete responsibility for development, design, and construction on some projects, and the design and construction on others. On most of the company's general construction work, American has participated in the preconstruction phase as part of the project team. In addition to the company's architects, the Company is licensed as both a general building and engineering contractor, as well as carrying trade licenses for plastering, concrete-related services (including concrete restoration and gunite), and the application of synthetic products. The Company also employs licensed architects and engineers.

Americanís multifamily building experience involves complex high-end, four and five story mixed-use buildings over retail and subterranean parking structures. Recent American-built urban multifamily homes have sold for over a million dollars. Work has also included design-build student housing, historic renovation of early California hotels to provide housing for the homeless, and rebuilding of the guest suite facilities for the historic UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center. Densities on projects range to over 300 units per acre. Projects have ranged in size to $112,000,000 and have included pile foundations, mat foundations, one, two, and three levels of structured subterranean parking below the water table with systems to mitigate methane and tar.

The cornerstone of Americanís success has been our innovation, coupled with our ability to provide the highest quality work at the lowest price, while successfully balancing our clientís needs.

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