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Elevé San Diego is a new Type I(b) Mixed-Use Project with Retail, Hotel and Apartment elements.

The apartment component of Elevé San Diego will be the second Young Urban Community ® Mixed-Use Projects marketed to young urban professionals in major downtown locations. The first project, Eleve Glendale will be ready for first occupancy in March 2013.

All Eleve Projects have a small carbon footprint with their high quality, highly efficient units. In addition to a Ground Floor Retail component, Eleve Little Italy will include an extended stay hotel aimed at accommodating young urban professionals who are in a student capacity at one of San Diego specialty schools, visiting San Diego on business, or in a transition state. Like our other projects, Elevé San Diego will utilize the entire roof top as programmed active open space amenity, for both the apartment and hotel components.

The ground floor, which is the Project's primary retail space, will contain retail compatible with Eleve's apartments and the extended stay hotel use, as well as serving the neighborhood. In addition the Project includes retail/office space on the Ground Floor at State and A Streets, and in the Mezzanine above the lobby. Parking for the apartments will be below grade. The first and second levels of the three parking levels above grade will be available for public parking, as part of the FAR Bonus Program. The third level will provide required parking for the commercial uses of the Project. The Project also includes a floor of apartments gained through the Affordable Housing FAR Bonus Program

The Project will contain 215 apartment units, 132 hotel extended stay units, 35,084 square feet of net retail space, 238 subterranean parking stalls for the apartments, and 242 parking stalls for retail, hotel, and public parking.

The Project has been designed to reflect its status as a commercial residential hybrid utilizing both commercial storefront elements combined with residential balconies, which are provided for more than 50% of the units. The extended stay separated from the ground floor retail vertically by a large horizontal band clearly dividing the space for these two uses. This band is the top of the building base. The building's mid-zone above is stepped back 15 feet along Ash Street to comply with the City's View Corridor Requirement at this location.

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