5500 Wilshire
Topped Out 9/8/09


                  Bearing steel studs topped out ahead of schedule and under budget, on this
                  major world class project.



                  The first and only of five major bearing steel stud projects in greater L.A.
                  that can make this claim.



                       Notwithstanding that this project is the most complex of the five:

                           • Fourth and Fifth floor units don’t stack
                           • By design many walls are not 90%, several don’t align vertically,
                              and others are curved
                           • Hundreds of red iron “sticks” (earthquake restraints) integrated
                              into angled stud walls


                       Given a great Team, the secret to world class performance is:

                                 • With the Developer:
                                           Legacy Partners Residential

                                 • With the Consultants:
                                           TCA (Thomas P. Cox: Architects, Inc.)
                                           Dale Christian/Structural Engineer, Inc.
                                           Michael Broad & Associates
                                           AMPAM Parks Mechanical
                                           TAD Engineering
                                           MRC Engineering, Inc.
                                           HRP Studio

                                 • With Subcontractors:
                                           Lane Building Systems, Inc.
                                           Arciero Bros, Inc.
                                           Calex Engineering Co.
                                           AMPAM Parks Mechanical
                                           Capital Drywall, Inc.
                                           Multi Mechanical, Inc.
                                           Walton Electric Corp.
                                           All-Fab Specialties, Inc.
                                           R & F Fire Protection, Inc.

                      ...and American’s relentless proactive attention
             to detail:

                                       • 90% of RFIs proactively asked and answered before framing,
                                   managed by American’s Plan Review Architects

                                 • 100% of in depth, quality control issues proactively identified
                                    by American’s Quality Control Team, and resolved without
                                    impacting schedule by American’s Subcontract Partners

                       5500 Wilshire
                  On the Miracle Mile in Los Angeles, California
                       At American we overturn every stone with the same relentless drive
                  to provide our clients the best price and value on each of their projects.

Bearing steel studs can take your next project to 7 stories.
             Contact Jeff Chen for conceptual pricing at (714) 377-1414
             or by e-mail at


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